Saturday, January 11, 2014

Soap Making: Lemon Nettle Soap


Batch 2:    Lemon Nettle Soap

I think this is my favorite soap so far!  I have been playing around with recipes again and have even figured out how to safely get the lye activated without killing anyone inside or freezing myself outside.  The bathtub works great!

I do all my measuring in there and just get the vent going while it does its thing.  Everyone is sufficiently terrified of the stuff, so I have no worries about accidents or spills.  Love it!

This soap recipe is definitely worth repeating!
(Please note that I use all organic ingredients - I am just too lazy to write the word 'organic' multiple times)

Base soap:
18oz olive oil
16oz coconut oil
14oz palm oil
7.1oz lye
17.5oz distilled water

And the goodies are:
1T partially ground lemon peel
1T partially ground nettle leaves
1tsp geranuim eo
1tsp ylang ylang eo
1tsp lavender eo
1tsp tangerine eo
2tsp lemongrass eo

 I actually made this the same time I made the first batch of the other soap, but haven't found the time to post about it.  Everyone loves this soap so this will be featured in my Etsy shop for sure!

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