Monday, June 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Fulton!


June is a busy month for celebrating.  Fulton, Ryan and Marialina all have birthdays this month, plus Father's Day, and even a high school graduation to toss into the mix this year.

But today (June 10) is all about Fulton.

Today is a special day for Jay and I, as we silently acknowledged that this birthday might not have come at all.  For a few weeks, Fulton was touch and go at the hospital and I feared more than a few nights that he would not be with us when I returned to his room in the morning.  So many nights I slept in the hospital 'dorm room' 2 floors above him, willing the ventilator to keep him breathing and praying the night nurse would not leave his side.  And praying even harder that no nurse would come knocking on my door.  Praise God and the Blessed Mother he survived! 

SO needless to say, there were some pretty wet eyes this morning as we all wished him a happy birthday!

We do birthdays in a very low key way here overall.  2 presents from Mom and Dad and 2 from my mother, a special trip to Chucky Cheese (boys only - none of us girls were allowed!  LOL!) and dinner at La Fiesta.  We came home to cupcakes and ice cream and the blessed news that he would not have to sleep in his supersuit.  Not that we planned on 'treating' him to this - I actually forgot to wash all his supersuits today and they take more than a day to dry, so TA-DA!  Instant birthday surprise!  **sigh**

I would love to post a mini photo timeline of Fulton, but our computer crashed and all his photos were stored in it.  :'(  But I do have a few in this computer, so I will see what I am able to post here.

Thank you all yet again for your prayers - they are truly cherished!

He was always a little guy!

Shannon was and always will be his favorite!

Always the center of attention
And always ready for a smile
Yet ever mindful of the serious side of life
And willing to take on the role of Big Brother
I pray it is not his tragedy that defines him

But rather with our love surrounding him

May the fire be the source of refinement that he may become all he was meant to be



  1. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing these pictures and I'm praying right along with you that his precious spirit is strengthened by this difficult journey!

  2. God Bless you little guy!

  3. Happy birthday, Fulton!!

    The Gleason Family
    Waukesha, WI

  4. Happy Birthday from California! From the Nichols Family in Santa Clara, California.

  5. Happy Birthday to an amazing little man! Your story Fulton, has changed my heart in so many ways and I will be forever grateful! May God Bless you and your beautiful family today and always!

  6. Happy birthday, Fulton. Something is coming in the mail from us. Just a little extra birthday cheer. :)

    Love the Barker Clan

  7. You are always in our hearts, Fulton! Ella, David & Matthew Heath

  8. I just happened onto your blog from Ginny's and with tears in my eyes I'm praying your prayer for your sweet little boy. I am confident that with a loving family he will grow to be an inspiration to all. You are a brave mama.