Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small Success Thursday


OK, I'll jump on in, even though this is a weird week for me.  Many CatholicMom bloggers are taking the Small Success Thursday challenge where we are to post 3 successes we have had for the week.  I think I really need to do this from time to time, just to remind myself that even on those days when I think I am getting nothing done, something I have done has still made a difference.  So here it goes.

#1  I have managed to make all of our medical appointments on time!  We are in Galveston for one of Fulton's follow up visits and have a lot on our plate.  Getting the family up and out of bed and to the hospital every day from the hotel can be quite challenging!

#2  I have passed out about 8 of Fulton's burn cards.  This means that 8 people are now better armed with information about fire safety and first aid for burns.  And perhaps a few more people will learn a little about our faith as well!

#3  I actually posted something on my blog!  LOL  Seriously, time has not been kind to me and I haven't been able to get to this blog for awhile.  I posted my first of a few articles on soap making, and now this post.  (This counts, right?)

Here is to all of you, trying to make a difference in your days!  I hope we all have at least a few successes to brag about!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soap Making!


A few weeks ago, Shannon, Virginia and I tried our hands at making melt and pour soaps.  The melt and pour method requires the use of premade soap blocks, shredded and melted down.  You then add some extra ingredients and viola!  You have soap that is very safe to make and you may use it right away.  We made the most delicious smelling chamomile oatmeal soap - so good I was tempted a few times to take a nibble.  But I resisted.  ;)

And while this method was fun, I have always wanted to learn how to make 'real', cold processed soap - but the idea of using lye frightened me.  And after hearing people's horror stories about their grandmother's niece's best friends' toddler falling into pots of lye solution has really left its mark.  So I resisted he urge to learn a new homemaking skill.  Until now.

Last week I stepped out of my comfort zone a little more and made 'real' soap from scratch.  And yes, it required me to use the lye.  I cannot believe how easy the cold process is! And it is fun, too.

I used this book


and really liked the results I got.  I followed the basic soap recipe and added my own mixture of essential oils, dried citrus peels and pink kaolin clay to make a beautiful batch of soap for oily skin.  It is about 2 weeks from finishing the curing process and I can't wait to use it.