Monday, February 27, 2017

Feast Day Planning


Celebrations and Feast Day Festivities – I love living the liturgical year, but when I get bogged down with the daily grind of homestead living, homeschooling and housework, sometimes I forget to celebrate as I should.  Most Catholic families have some sort of traditions revolving around the liturgical calendar that they would like to pass along to future generations.  Use this section to remind yourself of special feast days coming up and your plans for making it memorable for your family.  Our family has always made St. Patrick’s Day a huge event, so in this section, I would remind myself to prepare for the party, who to invite and remind myself of any new ideas I had come across and would like to try.  This section is also good for general celebrations and events, like planning for birthday parties, Advent, the Christmas season, Lent and Eastertime.

The Celebrations page is the Feast Day Ideas page.  This is the page you will want to make many copies of and begin your feast day journal.  Each page will be dedicated to a feast day you want to make special.  Keep track of books, websites, recipes and games that help you plan your feast day celebration.

And now - have some fun!

Save these pictures in a 'yearbook' to review each year.  Make notes on creative ways to celebrate the Feast Days of the Saints your child seems drawn to, and keep it fun as you learn about your faith along side your child.