Friday, May 23, 2014

Fulton Graduates


I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed!  After so much deliberation about whether we should send Fulton to Pre-school, I think it is very obvious that we made the right decision.  SO much growth - learning and social adjustments alike - have brought to him a stronger sense of self and purpose.

That may sound funny if we are talking about a 5 year old boy, but truly I feel his journey through life will be made a little easier because of how well he has been cared for at Heritage Preschool.  They have truly given him the tools and confidence he needs as he continues on the path Our Lord has set before him.

Thank you so much to the entire staff at Heritage, and especially to his teachers, Amy, Alia and Tracey!

Here is a video of his class singing How Great Is Our God with sign language.  Believe it or not, I actually was able to hold myself together for most of the evening, but when the rays of sunshine came through the windows towards the end of the song, I lost it.  God truly is great!

Here is a video of him saying his bible verse:

And this is him receiving his diploma.

Here are a few photos of his big day yesterday.

Such a happy little guy!  Thank you all for your prayers and support - what a year it has been!  We couldn't have done it without your constant petitions to Our Lord.

God is Good.  Always!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Small Success Thursday: One hour at a time


This week has been such a blur, all I can really remember is the last 7 hours (I am writing this at 11:09am).  So without further ado, these are my hourly accomplishments…

5:00 – 6:00am
I actually opened my eyes!  I am notoriously lazy – therefore waking up at this time was quite an accomplishment all by itself.  So impressive, in fact, that if I didn’t actually HAVE to get out of bed at that time, I would have just buried myself back under the covers and called it a day well lived.  But alas….

6:00 – 7:00am
I managed to put on a little makeup and brush my hair.  Jay (husband), CJ, Fulton and I got dressed and headed out the door to the hospital, where we checked in and dozed briefly in the waiting room.

7:00 – 8:00am
Settled into the recovery room, where we waited to hear what the plan was going to be for the day for Fulton’s surgery.  Jay took over the dozing duties for me while I sat quietly with a very grumpy Fulton.

8:00 – 9:00am
Slowly moved from vegging mode to surgery mode.  Changed Fulton into his medical gown and did some serious snuggling while watching the Cat in the Hat.  Unfortunately for Fulton the woman from Child Life came in and started explaining a few things about the surgery to him just as the episode about giraffes was about to get interesting.  We ALMOST found out whether giraffes actually eat monkeys or not.  Jay thinks they do – why else do they have such long necks and always have their faces in the trees?  Fulton, on the other hand, seems to think they eat leaves.  Perhaps another time we will finally learn the truth…..

9:00 – 10:00am
Watched a new show called Peg and Cat.  That was a new one to me, anyway.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it!  It was decided that Fulton did not have to take his ‘nose medicine’ (drugs that knock him out fairly quickly) and that he would only take the oral anti-anxiety meds.  He was a trooper.  But even with the meds, Fulton continued to sport the grumpy face, so we did some more serious snuggling.  CJ discovered the Wii set in the recovery room and we haven’t seen him since….

10:00 – 11:00am
Moved to the ‘launching pad’ – a waiting room in the surgical unit where we received more instructions and watched Dinosaur Train in the hospital bed.  Even Fulton was feeling a little sleepy by this time.  At 10:30 am, per Fulton’s request, I donned a surgical gown, mask and cotton candy blue surgical hat and was able to walk with him right into the operating room.  He wanted me to put the mask on him, so I stroked his head and held the oxygen mask on his little face until he fell asleep.

Lord help me, that was so difficult.  I can't even ponder the heaviness on my heart.

 Mother Mary, be with him for the remaining hours he will be in surgery.  Please guide the surgeons’ hands and hearts, and bestow upon them the wisdom they need to see this surgery through to the end.  May their God-given talents bring about the help Fulton needs and may the healing hand of God pass over my son and bless him.  Amen.

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