1  St. Edmund Campion
    2  St. Bibiana
    3  St. Francis Xavier

    4  St. John Damascene
    Loyola Press Bio (St. John)

    5  St. Sabas

    6  St. Nicholas
    Amazing site with lots of activities
    Coloring page

    St Nick coloring page
    Cookie cutters
    E Cards
    Convert Santa into St Nick!

    7  St. Ambrose

    8  Immaculate Conception of Mary
    Mary candle

    10  St. John Roberts

    11  St. Damasus

    12  Our Lady of Guadalupe
    Lovely presentation of the story

    OLG fiesta!

    13  St. Lucy

    14  St. John of the Cross

    15  St. Nino

     16  St. Adelaide

     17  St. Olympias

     18  St. Flannan

     19  Blsd Urnan V

    20  St. Dominic of Silos

     21  St. Peter Canisius

     22  St. Chaeremon and St. Ischyrion and Other Martyrs

     23  St. John of Kanty

    24  St. Charbel
    24  Christmas Eve

     25  Nativity of Our Lord  (see Extras page for more activities)

    26  St. Stephen

     27  St. John the Apostle

     28  Feast of the Holy Innocents

    29  St. Thomas Becket
    Loyola Press Bio  (St. Becket)
    29  Feast of the Holy Family
    Catholic Culture info and activities (Family)

     30  St. Anysia

     31  St. Sylvester

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