The Holy Souls


1  All Saints Day
2  All Souls Day

3  St. Martin De Porres
4  St. Charles Borromeo
Loyola Press Bio  

5  St. Bertilla

6  St. Theophane Venard

7  St. Willibrord

8 St. Godfrey

9  St. Theodore Tiro

10  St. Leo the Great
Sermon on Advent by St. Pope Leo the Great  (other writings by this Saint will be found under the appropriate liturgical year headings)
Letters 1-59 (with links to the rest)

11  St. Martin of Tours

12  St. Josaphat

13  St. Francis Xavier Cabrini

14  St. Lawrence O'Toole

15  St. Albert the Great

16  St. Margaret of Scotland

17  St. Elizabeth of Hungary

18  St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
18  Dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul

19  St. Nerses

20  St. Edmund
Biography for kids  

21  Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

22  St. Cecilia

23  St. Columban

24  St. Andrew Dung-Lac and Companions
Biography for kids 

25  St. Catherine of Alexandria

26  St. John Berchmans

27  St. James Intercisus

28  St. Catherine Laboure

29  Blsd Francis Anthony of Lucera
Biography for kids 

30  St. Andrew the Apostle

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