Thursday, October 24, 2013

Small Success Thursday


OK, I'll jump on in, even though this is a weird week for me.  Many CatholicMom bloggers are taking the Small Success Thursday challenge where we are to post 3 successes we have had for the week.  I think I really need to do this from time to time, just to remind myself that even on those days when I think I am getting nothing done, something I have done has still made a difference.  So here it goes.

#1  I have managed to make all of our medical appointments on time!  We are in Galveston for one of Fulton's follow up visits and have a lot on our plate.  Getting the family up and out of bed and to the hospital every day from the hotel can be quite challenging!

#2  I have passed out about 8 of Fulton's burn cards.  This means that 8 people are now better armed with information about fire safety and first aid for burns.  And perhaps a few more people will learn a little about our faith as well!

#3  I actually posted something on my blog!  LOL  Seriously, time has not been kind to me and I haven't been able to get to this blog for awhile.  I posted my first of a few articles on soap making, and now this post.  (This counts, right?)

Here is to all of you, trying to make a difference in your days!  I hope we all have at least a few successes to brag about!

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  1. Your soaps look amazing, and so does Fulton! We haven't seen him in a while, he has hair! :-)