Friday, August 23, 2013

Planning Pages For Older Children


OK, my computer is working so well today, I thought I'd see if it will let me upload the next installment of planning/school summary pages for you.  These pages are for older children and have been a huge help for us all in keeping the children focused on their ultimate goals.

The Student Daily Planner pages help them to keep track of what they did during the day and remind them to incorporate their faith into their daily activities.  These pages are also great springboards for parents and children to have “grown up” discussions about faith and the world today for dinnertime, Daddy time, or just about any time!  These pages work especially well if your children have a specific “accountability time” with their father.  Older children can prepare for these chats by finding relevant bible verses and catechism references.  It is a great way for their father to pass on the faith in ways that your children will come to cherish as they grow. 

It may take extra paper to fill these pages out, but believe me, the repetitive writing down of long term goals and accountability for how you either succeeded or failed in fulfilling your ultimate duty to God will train your child to think along these terms as a matter of habit as they mature and will thus reap the temporal and spiritual benefits over time!

Remember to scroll down and print off a few copies of my simple planner/summary page for younger children, too.  Even the youngest students can take great pride in their daily accomplishments and love to show Daddy what they have learned!

I am really pushing it today by posting so many things, so I will give my computer a rest and will post the planning pages for MOM in a few days!  (Yay!)

God bless!

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