Monday, August 12, 2013

Planning Page For Your Youngest Scholars


We homeschool for many reasons.  But one of the main reasons we do so is to foster a sense of family unity in our home.  As a mother, I provide the framework for the paths of learning and adventure happening everyday, guiding our little blessings towards a richer experience of life through formation and education.  But one factor always seemed to be missing:  where is Daddy?

Sure, he would get an occasional story of something they learned that day, but Jay's role was really fairly minimal.  Since he takes the role as The Enforcer, he usually heard more about the 'bad' stuff than the about the educational milestones the children reached.  And that struck me as profoundly sad!

When I created the planning pages for the children, I wanted to find a way for the children to be able to present their father with the fruits of their labors in a way that would help foster discussions and a more 'involved' relationship between them.  I also wanted the children to see how daily work can play an important role in completing their long term goals in life.

With all of that in mind, I created the following planning page for your younger children.  (I will post the planning pages for older children in a few days - they are fabulous!)  Yes, it takes some paper and ink to print, but these pages can provide a tangible record of your child's successes as he or she learns throughout the year.

NOTE:  The section that says Virtue is for the child to write the current virtue they are working on if using the Rosary Quilt virtue training program.  They (or you) can also write out an example of how that child did something to display that virtue that day.

Happy planning!

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