Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Our Lady of Lourdes Prayed For Us


This season has been a bit rough on me.  The weather reminds me so much of the time when the accident happened last yer.  Many 'anniversaries' have already come.  The accident.  The removal of the vent.  First steps.  First words.  First cuddle.

But today, February 11, is the anniversary of an event I hadn't even realized happened until several months after the incident.

Last year, on this day, Fulton went in for some surgery that was estimated to take no longer than 2 hours. For some reason, I felt an incredible urge to bless him with holy water.  Not just any holy water.  It had to be holy water from Lourdes.  Thankfully someone had sent us some to the hospital, so I blessed him and we headed to surgery.

Below is a 'cut and paste' of my CarePages entry for that day:

"Fulton had a 6+ hour surgery today. It was supposed to be a day surgery with the possibility of going 'home' tonight. Unfortunately, his potassium levels were quite high. Almost 7.0. Not good. Needless to say, they will be keeping him there for at least the next 2 nights to get it under control and figure out why his levels skyrocketed. The doctor said it was a good thing he had his surgery scheduled today, or they may not have caught it. I didn't want to know what would have happened if they did not catch it in time - I am just glad they caught it and I trust he will be healed.

It is also a relief having him admitted, as I do not have to be terrified of his new skin grafts. They did a lot of work on the left side of his head, patchwork on his face, and a 3 inch square on the back of his neck. Hopefully no infection will set in and these areas will finally heal. Once his wounds are closed and secure, I hope I will feel more capable of taking care of him. But I am sure something else will pop up, and I will flounder once again. This parenting thing sure is hard work! But I am trying now more than ever to remember Our Lady at the foot of the Cross. May her humble, loving example be my inspiration to persevere!

I am in my room and it feels lonely all of a sudden. He was not talking much at all while he was with me, unless he was complaining about the medicines or bandages, but seeing his shoes on the floor here makes me miss him. I got to be 'the good mom' again today, at his side, soothing him and talking to him. I think we both needed this break. I get to sleep tonight and tomorrow night and will be better able to take on whatever other challenges await me later this week.

Thank you, prayer warriors - your intercessions are keeping me together!"

This is actually a picture of a much later surgery, as I have precious few photos of Fulton in his earlier days

All I knew that day was his surgery took longer than usual and that his blood chemistry was very off.  Scary, yes, but manageable compared to everything else we were going through.

Fast forward toward the date when we were about to go home:  The head surgeon was reviewing his records and mentioned this particular day as the day Fulton "held his breath."  He was talking about so many other things this comment he let slip flew right by me.  It wasn't until later when I finally said, "Heeeeeyyyyy!  What was that?"

When one is under general anesthetic, you cannot voluntarily 'hold your breath' like a naughty child trying to get your way.  No.  You just stop breathing.  While there was no point in being terrified over something that happened several months before, I staggered under the realization that I almost lost my son.  Again.  And so I reviewed the above post and noted the date.

February 11.

The Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes.

And terror slowly transformed into amazement.  I was stunned.  And tearfully grateful for the way Our Lady urged me to tend to him spiritually, knowing what might happen that morning.  I cooperated with her persistent  urging that morning and obeyed without realizing the greater need behind it all.  And in doing so, she was invited into the operating room that morning and given permission to guide these great doctors and protect my son.

A miracle?  Probably not.  God's hand in Fulton's journey has been generous beyond belief and i have accepted the fact that perhaps immediate and complete healing is not His greater plan for Fulton.  So be it.  But Our Lord and Our Lady have never left us.  Ever.  And I can only wonder how many more times, through chance meetings, words, actions and prayers from around the world, they have worked such hidden miracles.  And I am sure there have been many.

God is good.  Always!

Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!

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  1. Your outlook and ability to see God's work in your life and your son's life is spectacular and inspiring. I just read some of Fulton's story from the beginning. What a brave, strong woman and mother you are. Your thoughts bring me to tears and I am overwhelmed by your strength and your ability to rely on Mary to get you through such pain. Prayers for you and your family.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Anna Kate. Although I have to admit most times I was fairly numb and feeling completely helpless. The Year of Faith was certainly lived well last year! God is good!

  2. Beautiful. Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for us!

  3. Thanks for linking up Cassandra. What a lovely story!

  4. thanks for your blog..........
    Our Lady of Lourdes, pray for Fulton, & his family,pray for us Amen.